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We connect your clinical trial to your supply chain.

Manage your devices, drugs, & kits in real-time as they move from suppliers to sites to patients.
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Imagine a world where ClinOps runs smoothly.

Your sites always have what they need to enroll patients. Your suppliers always send the right things at the right times. You can easily spot small problems before they turn into big ones. Slope turns this dream into reality.

analysis-1Get Real-time Supply Chain Data

Tired of lagging data? Slope's platform connects your trial inventory, study sites, and suppliers in one place. Understand what's happening in real-time with comprehensive dashboards & reports.

route-1Complete Traceability

Traceability of inventory from point of origin, to site, to patient has always been difficult. Slope's connected solution provides complete traceability of trial inventory and processes.

delivery-truckAutomate Your Resupply

From drug depots to kitting vendors, Slope integrates our platform will all of your trial's vendors, automating resupply procedures so everyone can focus on patient enrollment & retention.

This is ClinOps, Evolved.

Your isolated supply chain isn’t built for scale. It’s not going to help you with study startup and it’s certainly not going to help once you start enrolling.

A connected, automated supply chain is a critical part of delivering your clinical trial on time. Slope keeps your clinical trial on schedule by reducing operational friction & eliminating inventory outages.

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What our Clients say about us.

Since utilizing Slope, we are better prepared for our patients when they have a lab draw due.

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Heather Sights
Clinical Research Assistant

Slope has significantly reduced our inventory burden & has made our studies much easier to conduct.

Karen Arrington
Karen Arrington
Director of Clinical Operations

Easy to set up and use, Slope has streamlined our inventory time, space, and accuracy.

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Judy Kroulek
Clinical Research Coordinator