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Slope for Research Sites

Always have what you need.

Every day, thousands of Research Coordinators around the world use Slope’s clinical inventory management platform to prepare for their enrollments and follow-up visits.

We Feel Your Pain

Still using spreadsheets to track your kits, drugs, and samples?

75% of Research Sites have no policies, procedures, or tools in place to ensure they always have what they need. This makes preparing for all of your patient enrollments and follow-up visits incredibly difficult.

Ready or Not, Here they Come

Your patients ultimately pay the price when you don't have what you need in your supply closet.

Too Much or Not Enough

Most Research Sites are drowning in excess and expired clinical inventory. This slows you down.

A Better Way to Prepare for Your Patients

Do the job you were meant to do.

Your day is hectic enough, why spend time worrying when you don't have to? Slope's no-cost clinical inventory management platform makes your day easier by notifying you when stock is running low or when things are about to expire.

Built By Sites, For Sites

Slope worked with Sites around the world to build an easy to use platform that keeps you prepared.

One Place For Everything

Our no-cost software organizes, tracks, and manages all of your inventory for all of your studies.

Trusted by Thousands of Coordinators Around the World

Slope is no cost, easy to use, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

No More Surprises

Get alerts when stock is running low
Active expiration monitoring for everything
Track all of your supply orders in one place

Get Compliant

Get your inventory 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
Track serial and lot numbers for everything
Monitors love our audit trails & reports

Stay Organized

Team and study-specific permissions
Create custom storage areas
Easily scale from single to multi-location

How Slope Works

Your smart assistant for clinical inventory management.

Get Started Quickly

Whether you’re a single clinic running a handful of studies, or a large academic institution running hundreds, it’s easy to get started with Slope. We can help you import your current data, train your team, and set you up with SOPs that will have you on the right track in no time.

Customize Slope for Your Site

Slope’s clinical inventory management platform adapts to the specific needs of your Research Site. Our customizable software makes it easy to track, organize, and manage all of your kits, drugs, devices, and account for all of your studies across all of your locations.

It's Easy to Stay Organized

Slope helps you and your team stay organized and on schedule. Our platform will notify you exactly when you need to reorder kits, drugs, or anything else while keeping track of everything that happens in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail.
Screenshot of Slope web app sample management interface.

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