Slope Hype

October 2017

Singota Solutions & Slope announce a platform integration partnership that facilitates automation of study drug and lab kit fulfillment.

September 2017

Andy Corvas spotlights Slope as one of the leading software tools making research faster, cheaper, and more accessible to patients.

July 2017

Slope CEO Rust Felix describes Slope's innovative "Happiness-based Design" approach to increasing patient enrollment & retention.

July 2017

Slope was recognized as an industry leader in leveraging Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics to Mitigate Clinical Trial Risks. 

June 2017

Slope announces the release of our predictive forecast algorithms, used alongside clinical data sources to power supply chain automation.

April 2017

Article describing Slope's ability to make clinical research trials more efficient through data-driven supply chain automation.

April 2017

Slope CEO Rust Felix describes how automation of all types can be used to counter the clinical inefficiency which plagues research trials.

January 2017

Aces Health & Slope announce an integration partnership that allows every aspect of a clinical research trial to be automated.

August 2016

Founders Rust Felix & Michael Felix recorded a podcast episode with Dynamo, highlighting the path they took to creating Slope.

August 2016

Slope CTO Michael Felix discusses how Slope uses supply chain automation technology to empower study site coordinators.

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