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What We Do

Slope brings collaboration, visibility, traceability, & compliance to your clinical supply chain

Our Mission

Slope's Raison D'Etre

Make clinical trials boring.

Boring clinical trials are better clinical trials.

They have fewer surprises, faster outcomes, and stronger data integrity. They’re more likely to finish on time and on budget.

Slope makes clinical trials boring by using real-time data to orchestrate operational complexity. We help teams bring order, trust, and predictability to protocol execution and automation, ensuring every patient always have what they need and every job gets done.

Our Core Values

What we Believe In, and How we Behave

Slope has five core values that are near and dear to the hearts of everyone on our team. We are truly passionate about the work we do, and it shows.
1Patients are paramount.
2Better, faster, stronger.
3Driven by data.
4Job done, have fun.
5Get Sloped!

Our Story

Where We've Been, and Where We're Going

The concept for Slope sprang from a prior company founded by Rust and Michael Felix that forecast supply and demand for complex e-commerce supply chains.

Everything changed in late 2016 when the two brothers discovered that the supply chains running cutting-edge clinical trials were incredibly antiquated and chaotic.

Fast forward to today, and Slope has become the leader in designing data-driven and patient-centric clinical supply chains for some of the most demanding studies on the planet.

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Traceable Chain of Custody Requirements for an eClinical Supply Chain Management Platform
Biological samples from subjects are the most valuable assets that travel across the clinical trial’s supply chain. Any gap in the knowledge in the biological sample's lifecycle can make the subject non-evaluable and jeopardize overall data integrity. If this happens too often, the overall clinical trial can be at risk. When shipping biological samples, clinical research sponsors must have the data they need to conduct biological sample reconciliation—meaning they have documentation to track a biological sample stored in a biorepository back to the lab that analyzed it, the courier that transported it, the research site that collected it, the lab kit that was used and its lot and serial number, and the lab kit’s distributor and manufacturer. This data allows the sponsor to prove that a biological sample is valid and has not been tainted anywhere along the way. As a result, an online platform must maintain an immutable record of all of the steps a biological sample takes throughout its journey from collection through storage, along with the steps taken by each collaborator, including sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), research sites, distributors, labs, and couriers. As a result, an eCSCM platform must be able to prove a traceable chain of custody for biological samples, lab kits, investigational product (IP), devices, and ancillary and other clinical supplies, whether in use, transit, or storage.

Watch us turn chaos into order.

Questions? Contact us to learn how Slope brings order, trust, and predictability to thousands of clinical trials around world.
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