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What We Do

Slope brings collaboration, visibility, traceability, and compliance to your clinical supply chain

Our Purpose

Make clinical trials boring.

Our Story

The concept for Slope sprang from a prior company founded by Rust and Michael Felix that forecast supply and demand for complex e-commerce supply chains. It was immensely unfulfilling work. Everything changed in late 2016 when the two brothers discovered that the supply chains running cutting-edge clinical trials were incredibly antiquated and chaotic. Fast forward to today, and Slope has become the leader in designing data-driven and patient-centric clinical supply chains for some of the most demanding studies on the planet.

Our Values

Slope has five core values that are near and dear to the hearts of everyone on our team. We are truly passionate about the work we do, and it shows.
1Patients are paramount.
2Better, faster, stronger.
3Driven by data.
4Job done, have fun.

Two Brothers, One Vision

Slope helps ClinOps teams make data-driven decisions that accelerate time-to-market for demanding studies.

Portrait of Rust Felix, co-founder and CEO of

Rust Felix

Co-founder / CEO
The older, taller Felix brother. Rust holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering with concentration in computational fluid dynamics. He is one of the few engineers who won't bore you deeply at a dinner party. Throughout his career Rust has used complex data sets to inform mathematical models that solve real problems.
Portrait of Michael Felix, co-founder and CTO of

Michael Felix

Co-founder / CTO
The younger, slightly shorter, (and some people would argue) more dashing Felix brother. Michael is an accomplished designer, developer, and educator with over 15 years of professional experience delivering human-centric software, systems, and services across industries ranging from eCommerce to clinical research.

Latest News

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May 20
Do you know the history behind Clinical Trials Day?
Unlike most unusual (seemingly made up) days of the year, Clinical Trials Day has a great deal of history behind it — centuries, actually. Annually on May 20th, Clinical Trials Day honors the legacy of James Lind, a Scottish doctor, who conducted one of the first ever clinical trials in 1747.Lind was a pioneer of naval hygiene in the Royal Navy, often arguing the health benefits of better ventilation aboard ships, improved cleanliness of sailors' bodies, clothing and bedding, and below-deck fumigation. During his time serving on the HMS Salisbury, British seamen were contracting scurvy at an alarming rate after just two months at sea, with some even succumbing to the disease.
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Apr 14
When You Need to Optimize Your Clinical Supply Chain Management
In this blog, the second in our series on clinical supply chain management optimization, we’ll highlight these mistakes and issues and the operational problems they cause that can negatively impact the probability of a successful clinical trial.
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Apr 1
Who Needs Clinical Supply Chain Management Optimization
Keeping track of investigational product (IP), lab kits, equipment, and other supplies is a clinical operations problem that often results in missing study drugs, expired lab kits, lost biological samples, and delayed resupply shipments—all signs that there is a need for clinical supply chain management optimization.
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