Still using sticky notes & spreadsheets

to track your trial inventory?

There's a much better way to prepare for your patients.

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Boost Your Enrollment

Whether you're a small clinic or a large academic research center, your team's mission is caring for your study patients. Slope boosts your trial enrollment, supports patient retention, and reduces deviation risk by ensuring you're prepared for every patient visit.

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An Easy Way to Prevent Inventory Outages

Slope's secure, web-based solution helps your research site eliminate costly supply & inventory outages. From study drugs to lab kits, we help you prepare for every patient visit.


 Expiration Monitoring

We alert you 30 days before inventory expires or needs recertification.


Flexible & Adaptable

Track everything that powers your research for all therapeutic areas.


Automatic Alerts

Slope tracks stock levels in real time, alerting you when you're running low.


Teams & Locations

Manage inventory for your entire team across all of your locations.


Dashboards & Reports

Quickly understand what's happening with Slope's dashboards and reports.


Storage Areas

Assign inventory to your study site's many physical storage locations.

We Built This for You

We're passionate about helping you build a happy, high enrolling site. Hundreds of Study Coordinators around the world trust Slope to manage all of the things that power their clinical research. Find out today how we can help your team ditch the sticky notes and spreadsheets that are holding you back!

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Heather Sights, Clinical Research Assistant

"I count on Slope to help me organize and manage all of our our study site's clinical supplies & trial inventory. Slope keeps me prepared for patient visits & makes sure we have what we need for subject enrollment."

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