Introducing data-driven clinical supply chain management.

Slope helps teams around the world ensure cGCP while managing their study drugs, devices, lab kits, bulk supplies, and equipment for thousands of trials in real-time with complete traceability.

Your clinical trial demands predictable, efficient ClinOps.

Slope's data-driven approach to clinical supply chain management reduces operational friction while ensuring sites are prepared for every patient enrollment and followup visit. With Slope your team is finally in control.

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See how Slope uses real-time site and patient data to keep your clinical trial supply chain running smoothly

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Our free tool for sites boosts enrollment and supports retention by preparing your team for every patient visit.

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Manage your inventory.

Data-driven decision making:

Mission Control for your Study's ClinOps

Low & expiring stock alerts, audit trails, reports, and dashboards help your team understand study site inventory utilization as well as vendor performance.

Manage & Automate Site Resupply

Use Slope to monitor and manage all of your study site resupply workflows, or opt for vendor integration to automate your entire clinical supply chain.

Real-time Traceable Data

Slope’s 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform updates fully traceable data records in real-time as trial inventory moves across your clinical supply chain.

What our Clients say about Slope.

Since utilizing Slope, we are better prepared for our patients when they have a lab draw due.

Heather Sights
Clinical Research Assistant

Slope has significantly reduced our inventory burden & has made our studies much easier to conduct.

Karen Arrington
Director of Clinical Operations

Easy to set up and use, Slope has streamlined our inventory time, space, and accuracy.

Judy Kroulek
Clinical Research Coordinator