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Clinical Trial Management Challenges

Struggling to deliver your clinical research study on time and on budget?

Unfortunately you’re not alone. Clinical trial delays, bloated budgets, and questionable clinical trial data integrity are all symptoms of a clinical supply chain not designed for scale.

Study Protocol Complexity is Increasing–Especially for Early-stage Clinical Trials

With more clinical trial stakeholders–sites, labs, suppliers, patients, a CRO–and more dependencies, data, and shipments, challenge the best clinical operations professionals.

As Clinical Studies Scale, Trial Supply Management Quickly becomes Chaos

With manual workflows and no single system of record, clinical trial sponsors lack visibility and traceable chain of custody for supplies and samples, degrading data integrity.

A Better Approach to Clinical Trial Management

We make clinical trials boring.

When it comes to clinical trial management, boring is better. The Slope eClinical Supply Chain Management online platform brings collaboration, visibility, and traceability to your clinical trial supply chain, which means fewer surprises for you, your patients, and your vendors.


Slope connects sponsors, sites, CROs, vendors, patients, labs, biorepositories, and couriers so everyone works from a real-time, single source of truth throughout your clinical trial.

Real-time Visibility

Slope brings visibility to clinical trial management so you can improve resource allocation for site-based and decentralized (DCT) trials through automated, demand-driven supply.


Slope ensures traceable chain-of-custody so you can monitor your drugs, lab kits, lab samples, and equipment wherever they are, including while in transit with courriers.

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How the Slope eClinical Supply Chain Management platform helps Clinical Trial Sponsors and Research Sites

Slope for Sponsor Clinical

Always know where everything is, and understand how it got there

Get everyone on the same page with the same data
Ensure data integrity with protocol-specific workflows
Keep everyone prepared with data-driven resupply
Drive vendor accountability with detailed reporting
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Slope for Clinical Trial
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Always have what you need to support enrollment and retention

Use for free with no limits or strings attached
Track all of your drugs, kits, devices, and more
Eliminate oversupply, waste, and reduce errors
Easily onboard your entire clinical research team
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Slope's Vision

When you put patients at the center of your clinical supply chain, everyone wins.

Clinical research stops when patients don't have what they need. Slope coordinates clinical trial complexity, getting life-changing treatments to market faster.

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