Drowning in lab kits?

Slope makes it easy for study coordinators to manage their lab kits. We're launching at ACRP 2018. Free for Sites!

Free lab kit tracking for all your trials

Slope's free app makes it simple & easy for study coordinators to manage lab kits for all of their trials. Slope tracks kit inventory levels, monitors usage, remembers storage location, and sends you expiration alerts.

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Screenshot of iPhone App

A GPS for your Supply Closet

Slope remembers the location of lab kits across all of your storage areas. We know where supplies are located, who's been using them, and how much is left. Slope is a perfect solution for sites short on space.

Expiration Alerts Come Standard

Expiring kits create tremendous waste and slow you down. Slope's smart notifications alert you and your team to expiring lab kits, ensuring you aren't left hanging for your next patient visit.

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"Slope saves me time, making my patient visits more efficient."

Raaj Chanda

Research Coordinator @ Thomas Jefferson Hospital

100% focused on building happy sites.

Slope's team is obsessed with bringing structure, organization, and clarity to lab kit management.

Rust Felix

Co-Founder & CEO

Loves stopping lab kit waste in its tracks

Michael Felix

Co-Founder & CTO

Hunts inefficiency hidden in code.

James Irvin

Director of Ops

Defender of supply closet organization.

Vivek Garipalli

Board Member

Deftly mixes data analysis & patient focus.

Santosh Sankar

Board Member

Highest ranking supply chain wizard.

Mark Horsey

Board Member

BioPharma focused financial strategist.