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Supply Chain Management

For Clinical Trials

Take the chaos out of your clinical trial operations with the Slope eClinical Supply Chain Management platform

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Clinical Supply Chain
 Coordination & Orchestration
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Clinical Supply Inventory Management
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Today’s clinical trials are increasingly complex

Many dynamic, moving parts go into the execution of a clinical trial—the protocol, amendments, patient visit schedules, different procedures at different timepoints, Investigation Product (IP), lab kits, clinical supplies, biological samples, and shippers—creating logistical challenges that reduce productivity, increase costs, cause subject attrition, and threaten the overall success of the clinical trial.

more procedures
more research sites
more endpoints
amendments per protocol
more data points collected
protocol changes per amendment

Many players contribute to clinical trials

There are many contributors to a successful clinical trial that keep everything moving—each with its own processes, hours of operation, systems, best practices, goals, and priorities. Keeping everyone working together effectively so that subjects have a positive experience takes a lot of coordination and communication—and it's difficult to prevent balls from dropping.

Clinical Operations Team
Clinical Research Sites
Clinical Supply Vendors
IP Suppliers
Introducing the Industry's First

eClinical Supply Chain Management (eCSCM)

platform for complex, sample‑intensive, early‑stage studies

Slope provides a collaborative workspace, configured specifically for your protocol with predefined workflows and processes for supply procurement and shipping, inventory management, subject procedures, and biological sample collection and processing. Slope then uses clinical supply demand data captured at the patient level alongside real-time data and guided workflows to orchestrate the operational execution of complex study protocols. All actions taken are logged in a central source of truth for you, your investigators, and auditors.

Collaboration & Control

Between all the collaborators—sponsors, sites, IP suppliers, supply vendors, labs, biorepositories, and couriers

Real-time Visibility

Into trial execution and the location and status of all clinical supplies and biological samples across all collaborators

Traceable Chain of Custody

For all biological samples, investigational product, and clinical supplies whether stored or in transit between collaborators

Compliance & Adherence

To the protocol, amendments, and federal regulations including Title 21 CFR Part 11 GCP, ALCOAC and Sunshine Act

Optimize the clinical supply chain for your clinical research study

Minimize Risk for your Clinical Trial

Take control of your clinical trial and know what is going on with your supplies, biological samples, subject procedures, and collaborators on a day-to-day basis, so there are no more surprises.

Better Data Integrity
Real-time Insights into Trial Execution
Protocol and Amendment Adherence
Regulatory Compliance
Operational Coordination and Control

Reduce Clinical Trial Costs

Make the most of your budget by standardizing supply purchases and operationalizing lab kit reorders, so that every biological sample collected adheres to the protocol and counts.

Increased Valid Samples
Reduced Supply Waste
Cost-effective Supply Orders
Improved Resource Planning

Improve Productivity

Get your collaborators on the same page and working consistently, correctly, and efficiently with best-practice workflows and processes that you define, control, and track.

Streamlined Workflows
Stakeholder Coordination
Standard Processes
Streamlined Communications

Increase Subject Retention

Keep your valuable clinical trial subjects participating by making sure research sites are prepared for every visit, have the right lab kit for each procedure, and ship samples so they don’t get lost or spoil.

Sites Have What They Need When They Need It
Sites Prepared for Every Visit
Reduction in Lost Biological Samples
Reduction in Spoiled Biological Samples

Start optimizing your Clinical Supply Chain Management today

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