A different kind of supply kit provider

The last thing your trial needs is another one size fits all kitting solution, so we custom tailor feature-rich supply kits that map directly to your protocol requirements. When combined with our Coordination service, Slope.io ancillary supply kits provide a best in class solution for driving clinical efficiency regardless of therapeutic area.

Carefully designed to enhance clinical efficiency

We pride ourselves on our ability to plan and organize people, infrastructure, communication, workflows, and supply components. Slope.io’s team of procurement specialists, clinicians, graphic artists, service designers, and packaging engineers work together to create clinical research kits that directly address your trial’s unique ancillary supply needs.

Gone are the days of sending bulky styrofoam thermal shippers along with your clinical supply kits. The packaging designers at Slope.io create space-sensitive ancillary supply kits that include everything a research coordinator needs for a patient visit in one kit, including thermal shippers. Our carefully designed kits empower staff at clinical research sites to conduct efficient patient visits.

Site specific kitting

Ancillary supply requirements can vary drastically from site to site across the same clinical trial. Study sites served by Slope.io enjoy supply kit fulfillment plans tuned to their specific needs. Our fully managed solution automatically tracks each site, patient, and time point contingency, making sure your coordinators get kits designed especially for their site needs.


We use the clinical workflows outlined in your study protocol to design supply kits that increase coordinator efficiency. Concise labeling, clear instructions, and thoughtfully segmented component groups make our kits easy to locate and use. Slope.io’s spectrum of branded kit packaging options will make you stand out from the pack.

Printing & labelling

Custom barcodes and component labels drive logistical efficiency while reducing the chance of error. Slope.io designs, prints, and can apply custom barcodes and labels of all sizes and configurations to components and subassemblies. Our smart technology platform integrates seamlessly with existing barcoding schemas.

Quality control

Slope.io ancillary supply kits are designed, assembled, and dispatched according to cGMP quality processes and procedures. Our multi-step software authenticated validation workflow ensures the highest levels of quality control throughout the kitting process, plus we provide complete reporting and kit dispatch notifications for site shipments.

Electronic audit trail

In case of a product recall each component can be traced back to its source. Slope.io tracks the lot number and expiration date for every component or subassembly in our supply kits, associating it with each kit’s unique serial number. These serial numbers can be leveraged with our Coordination Service to track site-level kit consumption.


Supply kit components can be grouped into subassemblies to save space and drive better utilization at the study site. These subassemblies can be labelled with custom text, graphics, and barcodes. Slope.io can even dispatch and recall individual subassemblies if supply requirements change or components near expiration.

"Slope.io's supply kits help make my patient visits more efficient."

Raaj Chanda
Clinical Research Coordinator
Thomas Jefferson University

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