Organized. Facilitated. Expedited. enhances the logistical efficiency of clinical trials with an automated approach that frees your staff from the expensive cross-chatter traditionally required to keep research sites fully provisioned with ancillary supplies, IP, or anything else they could possibly need.

We use your EDC data to power intelligent, just in time delivery of clinical supply kits.’s predictive forecasting algorithms anticipate each research site’s specific supply requirements, ensuring they get exactly what they need on time, on schedule, and on budget.

When site coordinators have exactly what they need (and nothing more) they are more efficient and productive. Our automated tools and clinical operations team empower research staff to stay focused on clinical activities by anticipating issues and responding quickly to questions.

Third party management

As part of our fully managed solution, remotely manages the intelligent dispatch of third party lab kits, IP, LN shippers, and other services. We coordinate the countless emails, phone calls, and documents required to keep the trial on track, leading to enormous time savings.

Integrates with study data

We use your clinical trial data to power automated clinical supply shipments to your research sites. Whether you use an off-the-shelf EDC or run a custom data setup, our integrations team will build a plugin to gather and index your patient enrollment and visit data.

Useful trial metrics

Our smart technology platform tracks supply inventory across your network of study sites, monitoring research site supply utilization, patient visit trends, and clinical efficiency. metrics reveal logistical inefficiencies across study sites, helping you spot issues before they turn into problems.

Reduces operational noise

People-driven supply management bombards your employees with constantly shifting priorities as they rush to reorder supplies, address expired materials, and track down shipments. helps Sponsors and CROs save time and energy by fully managing the complexities of clinical trial logistics.

Stop supply waste

Excessive post-study ancillary clinical supply destruction, return, and reclamation is a sign of an unhealthy fulfillment plan. leverages predictive forecasting to ensure that your research sites are always provisioned with the correct amount of supplies, leading to reduced waste and lower supply costs.

Adaptive resupply’s clinical logistics solution adapts to the unique and changing needs of every patient, research site, and study time point. Our predictive forecasting algorithms actively monitor supply consumption, patient visit data, and expiration scenarios, directing automated resupply as needed.

We aren’t just another supply kit provider

We’re expert integrators of design and technology leveraging algorithms, automation, and workflow optimization to solve real world clinical research problems.’s ecosystem of services completely manage the complexities of clinical trial ancillary supply logistics, doing the dirty work so you can get back to focusing on the research.

We always start with a conversation, taking the time to understand where and how we can optimize the efficiency of your clinical trial. Next, we conduct a thorough review of your protocol, working through a low-impact approval process to build a blueprint that lays the logistics groundwork for your clinical trial. We’ll cover EDC integration, sourcing and procurement, design and printing needs, site-specific kitting and labeling requirements, patient visit schedules, and everything in between.

When it comes to clinical supply kits you can choose our best in class clinical supply kitting service or have coordinate intelligent dispatch of kits from your third party supply kit provider or lab service of choice. Regardless of which path you choose, our goal is to keep your research sites well-provisioned with supply kits that correspond to their patient load.

" has been instrumental in making the supply process feel personalized and expedited."

Karen Arrington
Director of Clinical Operations
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