Managing supplies for a clinical trial is difficult and inefficient.

Keeping research sites fully provisioned requires countless phone calls, emails, faxes, and file attachments.

As enrollment grows, the logistical burden can quickly become overwhelming.

Sites have different supply requirements that must be synchronized with third party vendors. Keeping track of all this is a full time job.

Logistical inefficiency is a systemic problem affecting Sponsors, CROs, and research sites.

Even the best laid plans can suffer as enrollment grows, shouldering Sponsors and CROs with the administrative burden of managing complicated operational processes. People-driven logistics coordination inevitably affects study sites, negatively impacting clinical efficiency, patient enrollment, and retention.

Drives up FTE costs

Full time employees spend valuable, expensive time performing repetitive logistics operations.

Too much noise

Excessive emails, phone calls, and faxes make clinical trial logistics coordination more difficult.

Poor visibility

A lack of operational metrics keep Sponsors and CROs guessing about their logistical efficiency.

Not enough space

Research sites are completely swamped with excess supplies that will expire if not properly managed. makes clinical trials more efficient.

We're tightly integrated with your systems and processes. integrates with your EDC data systems and uses your clinical trial data to inform our automated logistics workflows.

Logistics automation increases the efficiency of your clinical trials. drives clinical trial efficiency by optimizing and automating your repeatable operational processes.

Our analytics provide a dynamic view of your trial’s performance. analytics give Sponsors and CROs a unique perspective on their trial's efficiency from many different angles.

Smart solutions for streamlining clinical research logistics. Coordination

We manage the complicated logistics requirements of a clinical trial through a structured sequence of timepoints, schedules, and workflows.

Learn more about coordination Kitting

Our supply kits can be customized by site, patient, or study timepoint. Barcodes, sub-assemblies, and special requirements are no problem.

Learn more about kitting Case Study: Cancer Insight

Learn how used real-time clinical trial data feeds to drive logistics automation workflows that supercharged a CRO's operational efficiency.

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